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SuperStar M Cream Developer

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30-Day Return/Exchange Policy
Items may only be returned or exchanged within 30 days of purchase provided they are unopened, undamaged and in original condition. Items returned after 30 days are subject to a 20% re-stocking fee. We cannot accept opened boxes, bottles, packages and vials, as we are unable to return these to the manufacturer. 
*Credit for returns are subject to approval upon receipt

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Trionics No Lift

Trionics No Lift Improves Results vs. a regular 3-5 volume peroxide. Use with non-ammonia semi and demi-colors. Great for tedious applications such as corrective coloring or dimensional weaving.
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Oxily 2020 20 Volume Developer

Stabalizing oxidizing emulsion with balanced pH for coloringand decolorizing the hair, enriched with ACPComplex and emollient and conditiong substances to ensure a more luminous color.
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Oxily 2020 40 Volume Developer

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Trionics Accent

Trionics Accent 1 Level Lift Improves results vs. a regular 10 volume peroxide Use with all depositing colors, semi-permanent, demi-colors and toners. An enzyme based formula that effectively deposits hair color 50 to 80% faster than past technology has allowed. Trionics accent will deposit color or toners with guaranteed coverage on resistant gray hair.
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Trionics Higher and Higher

s the ultimate enzyme developer for use in off-the-scalp high lift color and bleaching with any manufacturer's color or bleach. Trionics Higher & Higher works wonderfully with foils and will not run away from you. Hi-Lift (Works like a 50 to 100 volume).
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Magic Lightener Developer 32oz (946ml)

Specifically formulated for use with MAGIC Powder Lightener, this 3% ammonia free developer is gentle, but effective. TO MIX: Add one scoop of MAGIC Ammonia-Free Powder or Clay Lightener into a non-metallic bowl. Gradually add three parts developer to one part Lightener. Stir mixture until a smooth, creamy consistency is obtained. For professional use only.
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Trionics Actuator

Trionics Actuator 2-3 Levels Improves results vs. a regular 20-30 volume peroxide Use with all permanent colors, liquid and powder bleach An enzyme developer formulated to accelerate lifting in tinting and bleaching by four to five times the usual rate. It works by gently lifting the scales of the cuticle layer so that solution can penetrate the hair shaft. For lift (Works like a 20 to 40 volume).
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Oxily 2020 30 Volume Developer

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delyTON Activator


DELYTON ADVANCED is a delicate tone-on-tone coloring ammonia-free. The Phyto Conditioning Complex® provides a high hydration action and elasticity to the hair, while Silk Proteins give softness and smoothness.The Exclusive Color Pigments ensure a perfect color balance ideal for all desired reflections. Delyton Advanced can gently color all types of hair in a range of luminous and intense reflections. Delyton Advanced is also indicated on freshly permed hair. The combined application with Delyton Advanced Activator allows to obtain a soft cream easy to apply by ensuring an intense but at the same time delicate action.
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Trionics Gray B Gone

Trionics Gray B Gone 1.5 - 2 Levels Improves results vs. a regular 17 volume peroxide Provides maximum gray coverage on 25% salt & pepper - 100% gray hair No better solution for stubborn, resistant gray hair An enzyme developer formulated for optimum coverage on gray or salt & pepper hair where hair is at least 20 to 50% gray. Gray Coverage (Works like a 17 volume).
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