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Keratint Color Glaze

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Keratint Color–Glaze

Clear 0/00, 10C–Very Light Cool Blonde, 8CS–Light Slate, 6CS–Slate, 2CS–Cool Dark Slate, 8C–Medium Cool Blonde, 6C–Light Cool Brown, 4C–Dark Cool Brown, 10P–Very Light Pearl Blonde, 8P–Medium Pearl Blonde, 6P–Light Pearl Brown, 10B–Very Light Beige Blonde, 8B–Medium Beige Blonde, 7M–Light Ice Mocha, 6M–Ice Mocha, 5M–Medium Ice Mocha, 10N–Very Light Natural Blonde, 8N–Medium Natural Blonde, 7N–Deep Natural Blonde, 6N–Light Natural Brown, 5N–Medium Natural, 4N–Dark Natural brown, 3N–Ebony Brown, 1N–Blue Black, 6CH–Chocolate, 4CH–Dark Chocolate, 7T–Light Tobacco, 6T–Tobacco, 5T–Medium Tobacco, 10G–Very Light Gold Blonde, 8G–Gold Blonde, 6G–Light Gold Brown, 4G–Dark Gold Brown, 8S–Brilliant Sun Poppy, 6S–Sun Poppy, 8IC–Brilliant Intense Copper Blonde, 6IC–Intense Copper Blonde, 8RC–Brilliant Copper, 6RC–Copper, 4RC–Dark Copper, 8R–Brilliant Ruby Red, 6R–Ruby Red, 4R–Dark Ruby Red, 8RS–Brilliant Scarlet, 6RS–Scarlet, 6RB–Burgundy, 4RB–Dark Burgundy

Returns & Delivery

30-Day Return/Exchange Policy
Items may only be returned or exchanged within 30 days of purchase provided they are unopened, undamaged and in original condition. Items returned after 30 days are subject to a 20% re-stocking fee. We cannot accept opened boxes, bottles, packages and vials, as we are unable to return these to the manufacturer. 
*Credit for returns are subject to approval upon receipt

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Houston TX 77040

Phone: 713-856-0117
Fax: 713-856-0117
Email: johnnie@metrobeautysupply.net

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Colorly 2020 Ultra Red 2.03 oz (60ml)

5 VIBRANT AND INTENSE SHADES from orange to purple, to customize any look. NEW FEMININE REDS that make women unique and special. Express your creativity and allow yourself to be captivated by the warmth of red.
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All-Nutrient white and blue powders are the most effective off the scalp lightener for high-lighting and bleaching. It provides maximum lift without fear of breakage and leaves hair feeling soft and manageable. This de-dusted stay moist formula mixes smooth and creamy for ease of application. Controlled pH and natural emulsifiers adds maximum protection during the lifting process, with conditioning properties. Leaves hair feeling soft and manageable. Mixes instantly into a smooth creamy consistency for ease of application.

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  • Formulated with a natural base of vegetable oils and keratin proteins, our all-natural formula provides gentile penetration of pigment with the long-lasting color and increased manageability and shine.
  • Colorists will tell you All-Nutrient® outlasts all other haircolor, and colorists will tell you the only way to see it, is to use it.
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Perm Systems

All-Nutrient Ambi-X creates stronger and firmer wave patterns with consistent results that leave hair manageable and conditioned. Self timing: no heat involved. Contains conditioners which strengthen and moisturize the hair during processing.

All-Nutrient AmbiTherm is a gentle, soft perm that perms hair at room temperature. Self timing: no heat involved. Contains conditioners which nourish the hair during processing. Built in cationic porosity equalizer and moisturizing neutralizer.

All Nutrient Exotherm perm is a self timing self heating perm for normal, tinted, fine limp and resistant hair.

All Nutrient Neutral PH perm is for normal, fine, resistant, color treated or highlighted hair up to 50%.

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