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Colorly 2020

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Colorly 2020

1N–Black, 2N–Darkest Brown, 3N–Dark Brown, 4N–Medium Brown, 5N–Light Brown, 6N–Dark Blonde, 7N–Medium Blonde, 8N–Light Blonde, 9N–Lightest Blonde, 10N–Ultralight Blonde, 6B–Dark Beige Blonde, 7B–Beige Blonde, 8B–Light Beige Blonde, 9B–Lightest Beige Blonde, 4RD–Golden Copper Brown, 5RD–Light Golden Copper Brown, 6RD–Dark Golden Copper Blonde, 7RD–Golden Copper Blonde, 8RD–Light Golden Copper Blonde, 7FM–Tangerine Blonde, 7FA–Intensive Orange Blonde, 8FA–Light Golden Orange Blonde, 9FA–Lightest Apricot Blonde, 4V–Violet Medium Brown, 5V–Violet Light Brown, 5P–Purple Light Brown, 6P–Purple Dark Blonde, 6RU–Ruby Red Dark Blonde, 5C-Light Ash Brown, 6C–Dark Ash Blonde, 7C–Medium Ash Blonde, 8C–Light Ash Blonde, 9C–Lightest Ash Blonde, 10C–Ultralight Ash Blonde, 4NI–Intense Medium Brown, 5NI–Intense Light Brown, 6NI–Intense Medium Blonde, 7NI–Intense Medium Blonde, 8NI–Intense Light Blonde, 9NI–Intense Lightest Blonde, 6T–Dark Titian Blonde, 7T–Medium Titian Blonde, 8T–Light Titian Blonde, 7BD–Golden Beige Blonde, 8BD–Light Golden Beige Blonde, 5D–Light Gold Brown, 6D–Dark Gold Blonde, 7D–Medium Gold Blonde, 8D–Light Gold Blonde, 9D–Lightest Gold Blonde, 10D–Ultralight Gold Blonde, 4M–Mahogany Medium Brown, 5M–Mahogany Light Brown, 6M–Mahogany Dark Blonde, 6RF–Flaming Red Dark Blonde, 7RF–Flaming Red Blonde, 7RR–Copper Red Blonde, 7MR–Mahogany Copper Blonde, 7MB–Mahogany Burgundy Blonde, 7MP–Mahogany Plum Blonde, 11AP–Arctic Pearl, 11AA–Arctic Silver, 11AC–Arctic Ash, 6R–Dark Copper Blonde, 7R–Medium Copper Blonde, 8R–Light Copper Blonde, 3CH–Chocolate Dark Brown, 4CH–Chocolate Brown, 5CH–Chocolate Light Brown, 4CP–Chili Pepper Chocolate Brown, 5CP–Chili Pepper Chocolate Light Brown, 4TN–Coffee Brown, 5TN–Light Cocoa Brown, 6TN–Dark Cinnamon Blonde, 7TN–Tea Blonde, 8TN–Light Hazelnut Blonde, 9TN–Lightest Honey Blonde, 10TN–Ultralight Gold Blonde, SSA–Superlight Silver, SSB–Superlight Beige, SSC–Superlight Ash, SSD–Superlight Gold, SSM–Superlight Honey, SSN–Superlight Natural, SSR–Superlight Cooper Red, 1B–Night Blue, 1V–Violet Black, 1C–Blue Black, AR–Red Accent, AG–Yellow Accent, AB–Blue Accent, N–Neutral

Returns & Delivery

30-Day Return/Exchange Policy
Items may only be returned or exchanged within 30 days of purchase provided they are unopened, undamaged and in original condition. Items returned after 30 days are subject to a 20% re-stocking fee. We cannot accept opened boxes, bottles, packages and vials, as we are unable to return these to the manufacturer. 
*Credit for returns are subject to approval upon receipt

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Metro Beauty Supply
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Houston TX 77040

Phone: 713-856-0117
Fax: 713-856-0117
Email: johnnie@metrobeautysupply.net

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Blossom Direct Dye Hair Color 2.03oz (60ml)

Semi-permanent direct color based on micro pigments that deposit themselves between the cuticle and the outer layers of the hair fiber.
palette of 7 shades use them pure for intense and transgressive looks;  mix them together for unexpected plays of color; dilute with CLEAR intensity  regulator for ethereal pastel highlights. Do not mix with peroxide.  Applied onto bleached hair, subtle or chunky highlights, the result is bright and vibrant color; as if on a blank canvas, you can create kaleidoscopic effects with color. On natural hair (starting from a base 9) it will create surprising highlights. In this case it is recommended to NOT dilute the product with CLEAR.  DURATION: from 3 to 20 shampoos.*
The intensity of the color can be extremely vibrant or soft and pastel, depending on which shade has been applied, the starting base, how porous  the hair is and the quantity of Clear used. The color service leaves the hair extremely luminous and soft.  Color fades gradually with washing, without acquiring undesired undertones. The result can change  according to the type of chosen shade, the starting base, the intensity of the color and how porous the hair is.
*The color may last even longer. It depends on the concentration of pigments (if used pure or diluted) and on the condition of the hair.
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delyTON Advanced

Delyton Advanced 47 shades of quasi colour that colours and nourishes gently. Use to camouflage first greys and create beautiful natural hair colours . Delyton’s ammonia free, deep shine formula eminates from the vegetable bio-lipid complex that combined with keratin protect the scalp and give softness and flexibility to the hair. Silk proteins  penetrate deep into the hair improving hydration and elasticity.
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Procolorist Scalp Protector 4.06 oz

PROBLEM - Acute redness or particularly sensitive scalp SOLUTION - Scalp Protector - protective scalp lotion Special protective fluid for the skin enriched with the exclusive Hyalu Colorplex and calming agents. Recommend for sensitive scalps or reddened skin, Scalp protector creates a protective film on the skin without altering the color result. HOW TO USE: In case of sensitive or reddened skin, apply directly to the skin, alternatively mix 10 ml in the color compound, then proceed with the normal application.
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Blossom Direct Dye Clear 8.45 oz (250 ml)

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Hair Color

  • All-Nutrient® certifiably organic permanent haircolor provides the perfect depth of color and 100% gray coverage with every shade.
  • Formulated with a natural base of vegetable oils and keratin proteins, our all-natural formula provides gentile penetration of pigment with the long-lasting color and increased manageability and shine.
  • Colorists will tell you All-Nutrient® outlasts all other haircolor, and colorists will tell you the only way to see it, is to use it.
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Light+Passion 2.03 oz (60ml)


For sophisticated chic BLOND highlights, or the daring glamour of PURPLE. For anyone who can’t resist the attraction of bright, flaming RED or wants to have fun with light and shade contrasts of warm hues of COFFEE and CAPPUCCINO. Free your creativity with Light+Passion Eight tempting hues!
  • Golden Blond - Sand Blond - Platinum Blond … timeless, feminine, refined colors
  • Intense Copper - Intense Red …warm and sensual. Simply irresistible.
  • Purple …bold and vibrant
  • Coffee and cappuccino …sophisticated effects of light and shadow
The Hair glows with luxuriant new hues.
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Procolorist Derma Shield 5.07 oz

PROBLEM - Delicate skin prone to absorbing color SOLUTION - DERMA SHIELD - protective barrier cream Cream barrier enriched with the exclusive Hyalu Colorplex. It protects the perimeter of the face, creating an anti-stain shield. Prevents color stains on the perimeter of the skin. Does not interfere with color penetration. HOW TO USE: Apply on the perimeter of the face, the neck and the back of ears before proceeding with the application of color.
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XFusion Keratin Fibers

XFusion Hair Building Fibers instantly make thinning hair look thick and full. Keratin fibers cling to existing hair and, in seconds, fill in all thinning or balding areas. XFusion won't come off in wind, rain or perspiration. It is totally undetectable, even from as close as two inches. All you will see is thicker looking hair!
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Colorly 2020 Ultra Red 2.03 oz (60ml)

5 VIBRANT AND INTENSE SHADES from orange to purple, to customize any look. NEW FEMININE REDS that make women unique and special. Express your creativity and allow yourself to be captivated by the warmth of red.
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Keratint Color Glaze

2 oz

Say goodbye to the disintegration of tone that plagues stylists and clients. Say hello to radiant color that transmits through oxidative dyes and deposits color yielding brilliant-hued locks that last for weeks! This ammonia-free, reconstructive demi-permanent haircolor promises vibrant, lasting shades with brilliant shine. Made with natural and organic extracts, Keratint Color-Glaze maintains hair’s natural moisture and increases essential protein levels to guarantee a color that endures. Take the challenge. Get glazed.
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