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Colorly 2020

1N–Black, 2N–Darkest Brown, 3N–Dark Brown, 4N–Medium Brown, 5N–Light Brown, 6N–Dark Blonde, 7N–Medium Blonde, 8N–Light Blonde, 9N–Lightest Blonde, 10N–Ultralight Blonde, 6B–Dark Beige Blonde, 7B–Beige Blonde, 8B–Light Beige Blonde, 9B–Lightest Beige Blonde, 4RD–Golden Copper Brown, 5RD–Light Golden Copper Brown, 6RD–Dark Golden Copper Blonde, 7RD–Golden Copper Blonde, 8RD–Light Golden Copper Blonde, 7FM–Tangerine Blonde, 7FA–Intensive Orange Blonde, 8FA–Light Golden Orange Blonde, 9FA–Lightest Apricot Blonde, 4V–Violet Medium Brown, 5V–Violet Light Brown, 5P–Purple Light Brown, 6P–Purple Dark Blonde, 6RU–Ruby Red Dark Blonde, 5C-Light Ash Brown, 6C–Dark Ash Blonde, 7C–Medium Ash Blonde, 8C–Light Ash Blonde, 9C–Lightest Ash Blonde, 10C–Ultralight Ash Blonde, 4NI–Intense Medium Brown, 5NI–Intense Light Brown, 6NI–Intense Medium Blonde, 7NI–Intense Medium Blonde, 8NI–Intense Light Blonde, 9NI–Intense Lightest Blonde, 6T–Dark Titian Blonde, 7T–Medium Titian Blonde, 8T–Light Titian Blonde, 7BD–Golden Beige Blonde, 8BD–Light Golden Beige Blonde, 5D–Light Gold Brown, 6D–Dark Gold Blonde, 7D–Medium Gold Blonde, 8D–Light Gold Blonde, 9D–Lightest Gold Blonde, 10D–Ultralight Gold Blonde, 4M–Mahogany Medium Brown, 5M–Mahogany Light Brown, 6M–Mahogany Dark Blonde, 6RF–Flaming Red Dark Blonde, 7RF–Flaming Red Blonde, 7RR–Copper Red Blonde, 7MR–Mahogany Copper Blonde, 7MB–Mahogany Burgundy Blonde, 7MP–Mahogany Plum Blonde, 11AP–Arctic Pearl, 11AA–Arctic Silver, 11AC–Arctic Ash, 6R–Dark Copper Blonde, 7R–Medium Copper Blonde, 8R–Light Copper Blonde, 3CH–Chocolate Dark Brown, 4CH–Chocolate Brown, 5CH–Chocolate Light Brown, 4CP–Chili Pepper Chocolate Brown, 5CP–Chili Pepper Chocolate Light Brown, 4TN–Coffee Brown, 5TN–Light Cocoa Brown, 6TN–Dark Cinnamon Blonde, 7TN–Tea Blonde, 8TN–Light Hazelnut Blonde, 9TN–Lightest Honey Blonde, 10TN–Ultralight Gold Blonde, SSA–Superlight Silver, SSB–Superlight Beige, SSC–Superlight Ash, SSD–Superlight Gold, SSM–Superlight Honey, SSN–Superlight Natural, SSR–Superlight Cooper Red, 1B–Night Blue, 1V–Violet Black, 1C–Blue Black, AR–Red Accent, AG–Yellow Accent, AB–Blue Accent, N–Neutral

Returns & Delivery

30-Day Return/Exchange Policy
Items may only be returned or exchanged within 30 days of purchase provided they are unopened, undamaged and in original condition. Items returned after 30 days are subject to a 20% re-stocking fee. We cannot accept opened boxes, bottles, packages and vials, as we are unable to return these to the manufacturer. 
*Credit for returns are subject to approval upon receipt

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Houston TX 77040

Phone: 713-856-0117
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Email: johnnie@metrobeautysupply.net

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IT&LY Equalizer 2020

8.45 oz

Instant balancing fluid for defibered hair rich in ACP Complex®. It restructures excessively porous hair and optimizes hair capacity to absorb the colour, improving its uniformity. Its composition is rich in Silk, Wheat, Corn and Soy Proteins that perform a balancing action on the hair. Ideal before every technical service, Equalizer improves colour luminosity thanks to ACP Complex®.
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IT&LY Anti-Stain 2020

8.45 oz

Delicate oil rich in Bisabolol that reduces colour stain and prevents the colour from direct contact with the skin, forming a protective film. Apply on forehead and nape delicately preventing colour deposit on the skin.
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delyTON Advanced

Delyton Advanced 47 shades of quasi colour that colours and nourishes gently. Use to camouflage first greys and create beautiful natural hair colours . Delyton’s ammonia free, deep shine formula eminates from the vegetable bio-lipid complex that combined with keratin protect the scalp and give softness and flexibility to the hair. Silk proteins  penetrate deep into the hair improving hydration and elasticity.
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Colortrak Wooden Color Brushes

  • 3pk of wooden hair color brushes
  • Blonde brush for blonde highlights, Brunette brush for brunette highlights, Red brush for red highlights
  • 2" wide base for quick and even coverage
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XFusion Keratin Fibers

XFusion Hair Building Fibers instantly make thinning hair look thick and full. Keratin fibers cling to existing hair and, in seconds, fill in all thinning or balding areas. XFusion won't come off in wind, rain or perspiration. It is totally undetectable, even from as close as two inches. All you will see is thicker looking hair!
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IT&LY Color Cleaner 2020

8.45 oz

Delicate fluid ideal to remove from the skin colour stains which may occur during the application. It performs an emollient and decongesting action thanks to bisabolol contained in the formula. Bottle 8.45 fl oz
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All-Nutrient Hair Color

  • All-Nutrient® certifiably organic permanent haircolor provides the perfect depth of color and 100% gray coverage with every shade.
  • Formulated with a natural base of vegetable oils and keratin proteins, our all-natural formula provides gentile penetration of pigment with the long-lasting color and increased manageability and shine.
  • Colorists will tell you All-Nutrient® outlasts all other haircolor, and colorists will tell you the only way to see it, is to use it.
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Riflessi Color Renewal Mask

IT&LY Riflessi Color Renewal MaskColor, Condition, RevitalizeThe ultimate color renewal mask in TEN rich shadesYou can use Riflessi to:-Add shiny reflexes to your natural or color treated hair-Renew or balance the tone of your hair color between salon visits-Add color reflexes to your damaged hair while repairing it-Gently blend away grayRiflessi is easy to use:Apply Riflessi on washed and towel blotted hair and let it process for 5 to 15 minutes according to the result you wish to obtain.-5 minutes for soft color reflexes or tonal balance.-10 minutes for semi-permanent, vibrant deposit and gray blending lasting approximately 7 shampoos.-15 minutes to revitalize damaged hair and restore color. After 4-5 applications (applying every 2nd or 3rd shampoo), you will be able to proceed with permanent hair color service on most hair.Why is Riflessi good for the hair?Riflessi contains refined nutrient and conditioning ingredients, including Vitamins A, B and C that actively repair hair fiber.
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LK Color

Advanced formula has a remarkable low concentration of 1% ammonia, with innovative micro molecular colors that gently and evenly penetrate the hair resulting in a perfect color. Provides 100 % gray hair coverage. Rich in natural extracts of coconut, LK provides maximum protection to the keratin and structure of the hair. Non-progressive, LK is a self-timed color, which guarantees an even color from roots to ends.
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IT&LY Desensitizer 2020

Box of 12 pcs, 0.17 oz

Protective and desensitizing fluid lotion for the scalp enriched with ACP Complex® and Silk Proteins. Its composition acts before and during colour process through essential oils synergy that protect skin and hair during the colour application. Its formula combines the calming action of Bisabolol, Wheat Germ, Roman Chamomila and A Vitamin, with the protective action of ACP Complex® and Silk Proteins. Indicated for sensitive or reddened scalps. It doesn’t alter the colour. Box of 12 pcs, 0.17 fl oz
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